Spring | Summer 22 


SS.22 – Humanity | Collection

These have been hard times on many different aspects of life, but one thing that can be agreed up on is that there’s a general and undeniable need to rediscover closeness, to rediscover sensations, to rediscover humanity.


Humanity is RDD Textiles’ main concept for the Spring/Summer 22 Season, a new collection that brings a few updates across our ranges.

COEXIST is RDD’s General Concept for the A.W 21.22 Collection

In Contemporary Fashion we highlight the following:

seductive fluidity.

The smooth to the touch feminine jerseys, with peaceful or emotional tones and various degree of transparency, combined with poetic textures that are ideal for layering.

AJ596_MulticolorRDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
ARIB415_Multicolor_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
AJ698_Festival Fuchsia_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
AJ660_Festival Fuchsia_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
AJ494_Lotus_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
ARIB272_Pink_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
ATER101_Flame Scarlet+Lotus_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity
AJ279_Coral Pink_RDD_SS22_seductive fluidity

soft poetry.

Our jersey crepe fabrics, available in several shades of white, which have a sand-like texture in either aerial, lighter, constructions, or more compacted ones, able to function as soft tailoring.

AJ444_Whisper White_RDD_SS22_soft poetry
AJ530_Gardenia_RDD_SS22_soft poetry
AIT173_Ashes of Roses_RDD_SS22_soft poetry
AJ661_Peach+Silver_RDD_SS22_soft poetry
AJ690_Multicolor_RDD_SS22_soft poetry
ARIB431_Multicolor_RDD_SS22_soft poetry

hybrid energy.

All the articles made with our space-dyed yarns: blends of irregularities inspired by out of focus landscapes, result in imagery capable to communicate a wide scope of emotions in a powerful way.

AIT268_White+Navy+Rio Magal_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
ADF0104_Navy Blue_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
ATER093_Bruschetta+Dazzle_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
ARIB357_Fucsia+Carmesi_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
ARIB239_Bright White_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
ARD008_Bright White_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
AIT259_Optic White_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy
AFD027_Black_RDD_SS22_hybrid energy

natural tactility.
Jersey fabrics with a tricot-like structure, ideal for either casual or no-gender looks, mainly in warmer and more natural hues.

APQ075_Multicolor_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
AJ658_Multicolor_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
AIT283_Granate_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
ARIB414_Granate_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
ARIB417_Multicolor_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
APL023_Siame_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
AJ5683_Oatmeal_RDD_SS22_natural tactility
AIT233_RDD_SS22_natural tactility

In Bluespot, our most sustainability-oriented range, two groups stand out:

Valérius 360 x RDD, the materialization of a new circular business model, focused on compositions like Recycled Cotton/Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton/Tencel™ or Recycled Cotton/SeaCell™. Valérius 360 is committed to recycling cutting waste, overproduction outcome and unsold stocks from partner brands and/or from internal manufacturing units, to produce yarns, jersey fabrics and garments.

APR055 | Valérius 360 x RDD
ARIB428 | Valérius 360 x RDD
APR058 | Valérius 360 x RDD
AFA172 | Valérius 360 x RDD

Undyed by RDD, the extension of what was previously only Undyed Cotton and which now includes a whole new dimension of natural fibres like hemp or nettle, but also bio-polymers like PLA (Polylactic Acid) Fibres.

ARD013_Undyed by RDD
ADF106 | Undyed by RDD
AJ672 | Undyed by RDD
AJ564 | Undyed by RDD
APQ057 | Undyed by RDD
ARIB323 | Undyed by RDD
ARIB324 | Undyed by RDD

Finally, our Wellness Textiles range had the addition of two new elements to its library of fibres and finishes: Q-Skin® by Fulgar®, a polyamide 6.6 fibre that limits bacterial growth, taking care of the skin, providing its wearer with breathability, freshness, hygiene and comfort; and Umorfill Beauty Fibre, an 100% biodegradable new generation bionic fibre with deodorizing, moisture management, anti-static and anti-UV abilities.

ARIB354_Puritan_Grey_Wellness Textiles by RDD
APQ066_Puritan_Grey_Wellness Textiles by RDD
AJ589_Hot Sauce_Wellness Textiles by RDD
AJ590_Hot Sauce_Wellness Textiles by RDD
AJ557_Hot_Sauce_Wellness Textiles by RDD
ARIB252_Lotus_Wellness Textiles by RDD

WGSN S/S22 Highlights

Performance Quilting
ATER069 | Thermobonded | Off White

Quilted fabrics with a performance focus are one of the top trends to the Spring-Summer Season of 22. On that note, the global authority on consumer and design trends WGSN featured our Tencel Padding by RDD, a breathable low-impact option for close to skin comfort, on their Men's Knit & Jersey Forecast S/S 22, category “Performance Quilting” Tencel Padding's filling is entirely made with its namesake artificial botanical fibres through an environmentally friendly needle punch process - discover more about it in this link.

ATER069_WGSN_SS22 Highlights

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