Spring | Summer 22 


S/S 22 – Humanity | Highlights

Humanity is RDD Textiles’ main concept for the Spring/Summer 22 Season, a new collection that brings a few updates across our ranges.

Below are a few items from our collection that were highlited by Prèmiere Vision and WGSN.

Première Vision - Best of the Season S/S22

The global fashion platform Première Vision (PV) distinguished RDD’s most recent inspirational collection, highlighting several of our newest jersey fabrics on their SS22 Best Season Selection.

Light yet simultaneously full of texture, what these different items have in common is that they are equally made for the eyes as for the touch, which makes them an option full of elegant sensuality and, of course, a reminder of Humanity. 

S/S22 Fabric Favourites: Solarized Embellishment

AJAW18020/4 | 100% CO ORG | Jersey | Apricot  

This theme is inspired by a certain necessity of a brighter future, expressed by fresh, light, warm and calm-inducing fabrics. Natural materials are in the spotlight, alongside deliberate imperfections on their looks, that can transmit simplicity but also the existence of a past.


Examples of those imperfections are whitened and sun-washed fabrics, like it’s the case of our mineral dyed apricot coloured jersey, that according to Première Vision “are enlivened by sophisticated washed-out effects. Like a symbol of the richness of the past denim turn to washes with a subtly Taschist [from ‘Tashisme’, a style of abstract painting] spirit to embrace their authenticity”.

AJAW18020-4_Prèmiere Vision_SS22 Fabric Favourites

S/S22 Ecoresponsibility | Seductively: Eco Flexible

APR035 | 96%CO ORG Crepe 4%El Rec | Interlock | Gardenia

According to Première Vision, S/2S 22 is both seductive and responsible, as ecological advances allow more specialized and creative achievements. “Conjugating comfort and extension are now within reach. Mechanical stretches are no longer the only option for a more sustainable elasticity. Recycled elastane has progressed in technical textiles, especially for sports, outdoors or swimwear.

This is why they’ve included our APR035 is among the high points of the season for eco-responsible developments and innovations, standing out for being an Eco Flexible option, made out of Organic Cotton and Recycled Elastane.

APR035_Premiere Vision_SS22 Ecoresponsibility

 | Seeking circularity: Fewer Chemicals

AJAW18020/4 | 100% CO ORG | Jersey | Apricot

For Spring Summer 22 the focus remains on sustainable qualities and production models. A central part of it is the use of Fewer Chemicals, through “optimised dosages, less-polluting components, mechanical embellishment procedures; nothing has been overlooked to reduce the chemical impact on production.”

Once again, our AJAW18020/4 stands out, thanks to having a perfectly balanced vibrant yet subtle apricot colour, achieved through the use of mineral dyes: a purely mechanical process that has a way lighter ecological impact.

AJAW18020-4_Prèmiere Vision_SS22 Ecoresponsibility

S/S22 Season: Excitingly seductive
Première Vision forecasts that SS22 charms through foreign sensations, using touch appealing materials allied to refreshing transparencies and fluidities.


Caressing transparency
AJ494 | 100% CLY | Jersey | Lotus

Touch inviting materials are a central part of SS 22, and nothing elevates more that invitation than a certain translucent quality. That’s why Caressing Transparency is one of the trends of the season, according to Première Vision, who highlighted our AJ494 as an example of this characteristic “of smooth transparencies and sport knits, refined right down to their membranes’ handles, to follow the body like a second skin. Layering, multiplying, gathering, without adding any weight, to wrap up in air and colour.

AJ494 _Première Vision_SS22_Excitingly seductive

Cuddly sensations
AJ444 | 95% CLY 5% PA | Jersey Jacquard | Whisper White

Spring Summer 22 tries to captivate the attention of the consumer through new tactile impressions, a perfect fit for AJ444, an RDD jersey jacquard that transmits what PV describes as Cuddly Sensations which englobes “materials with highly tactile properties, fresh thicknesses to sink your hands into”.

AJ444_Première Vision_SS22_Excitingly seductive

Erotic Green
ARIB251 | 100% CLY | RIB 2x2 | Copper

Matching sustainable composition – 100% Lyocell Tencel – with attractive and noticeable colour, shine and fluidity, are the qualities that guarantee the inclusion of our copper coloured ARIB251 in a PV selection called Erotic Green, obviously not for the colour but because it encompasses “All types of recyclings, sustainable dyes, waterless silkies, metal-free skins (…) with a dash of humour, suggestive transparencies, attractive shine, sexy stretch and a loquacious fluidity”,

ARIB251_Première Vision_SS22_Excitingly seductive

WGSN S/S22 Highlights

Performance Quilting
ATER069 | Thermobonded | Off White

Quilted fabrics with a performance focus are one of the top trends to the Spring-Summer Season of 22. On that note, the global authority on consumer and design trends WGSN featured our Tencel Padding by RDD, a breathable low-impact option for close to skin comfort, on their Men's Knit & Jersey Forecast S/S 22, category “Performance Quilting” Tencel Padding's filling is entirely made with its namesake artificial botanical fibres through an environmentally friendly needle punch process - discover more about it in this link.

ATER069_WGSN_SS22 Highlights

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