RDD Textiles®

Therapeutic textiles
for the modern world

Wellness by RDD

In an era of anxiety, landscapes and peaceful spaces are inspiring, as individuals keep on searching for soft and calming colours as a physical and mental wellbeing factor.

Therapeutic textiles are fundamental in our new world:
• Biodegradable Tencel™, SeaCell™ and Merino Wool are key fibres to ensure natural breathability, moisture management, softness on the epidermis.
• Seaweed is a must have ingredient to activate skin cell regeneration;
• Umorfil® Beauty Fiber® is friendly to skin with moisture function.
• Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Argan Oil treatments provide skin care.

Jersey fabrics with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, thermoregulation and self-cleaning technologies – mineral or bio-based - protect us on a daily basis from the climatic changes, biological threats and pollution.