Contemporary Fashion - RDD Textiles®

Contemporary Fashion

A seasonal and fashionable collection that expresses our vision of the global trends.
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Essentials - RDD Textiles®


A range of on-going timeless luxurious jersey fabrics, namely, Tencel® and cotton qualities, satiny mercerized jerseys.

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Bluespot | Organic & Recycled - RDD Textiles®

Bluespot | Organic & Recycled

A selection of organic and recycled jersey fabrics.

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Bluespot | Organic & Mercerized - RDD Textiles®

Bluespot | Organic & Mercerized

Silky and satiny jersey fabrics produced with sustainable fibres and finishing processes.
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Bluespot | Undyed - RDD Textiles®

Bluespot | Undyed

A link to authenticity expressed in the minimalist but timeless aesthetics of Undyed jersey fabrics.
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Bluespot | Valérius 360 × RDD - RDD Textiles®

Bluespot | Valérius 360 × RDD

Selection of products that result from recycled cutting waste, overproduction and stocks.

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